Notel HW Case

Notel HW Case

Effortlessly manage your Drive Test campaigns with the Notel HW Case. This robust solution offers secure transport for up to 24 terminals, Mini PCs, and scanners like PCTEL IBflex/MXflex/Gflex, ensuring your equipment arrives safe. Compatibility with major network testing equipment, including TEMS Paragon and TEMS Investigation, makes it a versatile choice.

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Notel HW Case

Primary uses

  • MOBILE NETWORK OPTIMIZATION - comprehensive data collection on signal strength, call quality, throughput, and handover performance. Identify and resolve network congestion or performance issues effectively
  • NETWORK TROUBLESHOOTING - rapid response to network issues by housing multiple measurement devices and scanners
  • 5G NETWORK ROLLOUT - efficient by testing multiple parameters simultaneously across various 5G bands and maintaining optimal device temperatures, crucial for accurate data collection and reliable 5G network verification
  • BENCHMARKING & COMPETITOR ANALYSIS - Utilizes smartphones or tablets to simulate user experiences and compare network performance against competitors
  • LARGE EVENT PREPARATION - proactively testing around venues, identifying and optimizing capacity to handle increased user traffic
Main Features

Unmatched Device Capacity

Manage up to 24 terminals, Mini PCs, scanners like PCTEL IBflex/MXflex/Gflex, and IoT devices in one case, eliminating the need for multiple carrying cases

Cool Under Pressure

An advanced cooling system maintains optimal temperatures for extended testing sessions

Effortless Mobility

Built-in wheels, a sliding handle, and robust construction make transporting devices effortless

Tailored to You

Work with Notel to configure a solution that perfectly fits your testing requirements

Remote Connectivity Option

Included internet router for remote communication and data upload to a central server for real-time analysis or storage

Seamless Integration

Compatible with major network testing equipment like TEMS Paragon and Investigation for seamless integration into existing workflows

Areas of Use