Notel Power Case

Notel Power Case

Conquer any mobile network RF testing challenge with the Notel Power Case. Its modular design lets you choose a battery size to fit your needs, from lightweight portability to extended monitoring. Never worry about power outages or car shutdowns interrupting your measurements. The Notel Power Case seamlessly takes over, keeping your Notel HW Cases and scanners powered. Its built-in safeguards protect your equipment and even monitor car battery/alternator health, ensuring uninterrupted testing and maximized efficiency. Whether you're tackling remote sites, in-building testing, or train journeys, the Notel Power Case is your reliable partner for gathering flawless RF data

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Notel Power Case

Primary uses

  • DRIVE TESTS CAMPAIGNS - uniterrupted data collection during drive tests, with focus on preventing data gaps during off-road testing or engine shutdowns, maintaining collected data during safety shutdowns and detecting potential electrical system issues
  • REMOTE SITE TESTING - data collection in remote locations
  • ON-TRAIN TESTING - collecting mobile network data onboard trains supported by continuous power for the equipment throughout the journey
  • MULTI-DEVICE TESTING - RF testing of multiple outlets without the need for separate sources or power strips
Main Features

Tailored Power Options

Customizable with various battery sizes, from a lightweight "mini buffer" to a larger one for extended testing

Reliable Protection

Advanced protection electronics to safeguard your equipment from power surges or drops, ensuring uninterrupted measurements

Smooth Integration

Seamlessly integrates with modern car alternator systems, providing a continuous power supply even while the vehicle is in motion

Intelligent Monitoring

Electronically monitors car's electrical system, prioritizing vehicle startup and prevents battery discharge while powering the equipment

Areas of Use