Notel Analytical Platform

Notel Analytical Platform 

Notel Analytical Platform is a powerful tool for analyzing massive datasets from network performance tests, configurations, and real-time monitoring. AI-powered capture rules ensure you gather only the most relevant data, while ETSI-compliant active testing guarantees reliable measurements. Through interactive dashboards and insightful reports, our Analytical Platform empowers you to identify trends, understand user experience, and optimize your network's performance.

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Notel Analytical Platform

Primary uses

  • NETWORK OPTIMIZATION: Analyze drive test and real-time monitoring data to pinpoint congestion and signal issues.
  • PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE: Utilize AI-powered capture rules for real-time monitoring.
  • TARGETED UPGRADES: Identify high-traffic areas and low-capacity zones, guiding strategic network upgrades for maximum impact.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ENHANCEMENT: Analyze call drops, accessibility, and data speeds to improve Quality of Experience.
  • FRAUD DETECTION: Detect network anomalies indicative of fraudulent activity, safeguarding networks and customers.
  • COVERAGE VERIFICATION: Comparing operator-submitted coverage maps with real-world drive test data to ensure regulatory compliance.
Main Features

Unified Big Data Analytics

network data analytics from diverse sources (drive tests, crowdsourcing, etc.) within a single platform

Intelligent Data Collection

AI-powered capture rules and ETSI-compliant active testing for focused and reliable data gathering

Actionable Insights

clear visualizations and reports through interactive dashboards, helping to understand user experience and network trends

Real-Time Monitoring

easy identification and addressing network issues with constant performance monitoring

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