Introducing the RFBENCHAMRK Light RF Scanner, a compact and versatile tool for network scanning. This portable device connects to and is powered by a mobile device, allowing mobile operators to detect and measure the strength of GSM, WCDMA, and LTE radio frequency bands in a given area. Controlled by the RFBENCHMARK PRO app, the RFBENCHMARK LiteScanner offers a budget-friendly, reliable solution for capturing air radio traces on the go, perfect for researchers and professionals alike. Easy to mount and use, it ensures precision and ease of use with extensive support for various research needs.

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Primary uses

  • SITE SURVEY & PLANNING - Measure signal strength during initial surveys, identify coverage gaps, and pinpoint interference sources across GSM, WCDMA, and LTE bands.
  • DEPLOYMENT & VERIFICATION - Verify new base station performance through parallel scanning, measuring signal strength and quality across the coverage area.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING & MAINTENANCE - Identify signal degradation, pinpoint interference sources, and diagnose network issues. Portable for on-site problem resolution.
  • INDOOR DAS INSTALLATIONS - LiteScanner's size and remote control capabilities enable indoor cellular network deployment and maintenance, ensuring proper coverage and identifying areas needing additional access points.
  • SMALL CELL DEPLOYMENTS - Ideal for verifying signal strength and optimizing small cell performance in urban areas. Supports validation and proves work results without significant test equipment investment.
Main Features


lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry and use on-the-go

All-in-one Scanning

parallel scanning of multiple technologies like GSM, WCDMA, and LTE

Flexible Powering

seamless operating while powered by a mobile device or with its own optional battery pack

Remote Control

with use of the RFBENCHMARK app

Cloud or Local Storage Analysis

uploading of scan results for centralized access and analysis, or extracting the measurements for local storage

Indoor Location Pinpointing

pinpointing signal scan within buildings through RFBENCHMARK indoor module for troubleshooting and optimization indoor locations


exceptional value, providing network scanning capabilities at an affordable price point.

Easy Mounting Capability

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