The ultimate cloud-based platform designed to meet and surpass the expectations of our diverse clientele. With its innovative capability to ingest a plethora of multi-vendor data sources including crowdsourced data, drivetests, network traces, GIS data, and more, RFBenchmark Analytics stands as a beacon of comprehensive analysis and insightful reporting.

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Primary uses

  • NETWORK PERFORMANCE MONITORING - Gain insights into network performance metrics and trends to optimize service quality.
  • DECISION SUPPORT - Empower decision-making with precise insights from integrated data sources.
  • PROBLEM DETECTION & RESOLUTION - Proactively identify and address network issues to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • CUSTOMIZED REPORTING - Tailor reports to specific business needs and stakeholders for maximum relevance and effectiveness.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING - Inform network optimization and enhancement through comprehensive analytics.
  • COLLABORATION & COMMUNICATION - Foster stakeholder collaboration with clear and informative reports and insights.
Main Features

Comprehensive Data Integration

diverse data sources including crowdsourced data, drivetests, network traces, GIS data, and more

Automated Reporting

automated reports catering to various business needs, from technical department intricacies to high-level executive summaries

Interactive Insights

multi-dimensional insights with drill-down capabilities, enriched with charts, tables, indoor maps, and interactive maps


highly adaptable reports, covering crowdsourced reporting, benchmarking, drivetest troubleshooting, and Quality of Experience (QoE) scoring

Network Performance Analysis

analyzes low-level Layer 3 signaling and provides SLA reporting and continuous quality monitoring capabilities

Proactive Network Management

advanced notification system and AI-powered automatic problem detection for proactive issue identification and resolution

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